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The whole house approach that we bring to our clients includes many areas of carpentry, renovations and upgrades…

pressure washing imageEvery home is unique…The factors which set them apart, such as materials used at the time of construction, environmental elements, and maintenance history are important reasons to view every home we encounter with ‘fresh eyes’.

With your input and in ‘partnership’, we will assess the condition of your home, note potential problem areas, and consider ideas to address them. We then sit down to consider the various ways to address them, and consider options that make sense to you.


Repairs and replacement: It is not unusual to discover rotting wood on homes that we are preparing to paint. And if we do, experience typically points to a root cause which is often below the surface. Our approach is simple: Not only do we repair or replace the obvious ‘offending’ materials, we root out the cause of the problem and deal with that too. You can count on 1st Choice Painting and Carpentry to always put your interest first!


Trim, Soffits, and architectural features: These are the most common elements on a home that suffer rot and/or deterioration due to infestation. It’s critical to properly assess these problem areas so that optimal repair or replacement measures can be chosen. We often recommend replacement with non-wood materials due to their superior performance. We are experts in this type of carpentry and you can be assured that we will follow all best practices.


Siding: Materials used as the main element on your home may be traditional, contemporary, or a combination of various materials and textures. Locations such as DC, Bethesda and Silver Spring have many older or traditional style homes which feature wood siding. We repair or renovate existing styles or replace an entire home with new modern materials.


Doors and Windows: Entrance and patio doors often need maintenance. This holds true for windows too. In all cases, close inspection will allow us to discover how well they function and seal out the elements. When there are issues, we can typically make repairs…and sometimes replacement may be the answer. We are experts at helping you choose the doors and windows that compliment your home’s style. We also have years’ of experience installing them to exacting standards.


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