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Helping you to have a home you love is what we are all about!

When we discuss painting, we cover several important elements while also keeping your wants, needs, and budget in mind. We’ll look at paint brand, surface preparations, special concerns, and overall quality. We also create an outline for both job execution and schedule parameters. It’s important to get the big picture and then dig into the details to ensure a smooth and successful project. This is the level of professionalism that we bring!

maryland-interior-paintingQuality Level - We discuss the look and feel of existing surfaces such as walls/ceilings, woodwork, doors/windows, and other surfaces. With clarity about existing conditions of all these surfaces, we can then focus on the level of finish you desire when our work is complete. Hint: Preparation is everything!

Area Protection: No conversation is complete without knowing that your home and its furnishings will be protected while work is under way. From moving furniture and small items, to covering cabinets and doorways, we understand the importance of this level of respect. Our aim is to make this as easy as possible for you!

Paint and color Selection: We help you to choose the right colors and sheens for any area of your home. When desired, our professional color consultant can work with you to create that ‘just right’ special look and feel. Just ask!

Getting ready: Surface preparation is one of the most critical aspects towards the creation of a beautifully painted room. We start by removing window treatments, wall plates and other items that should not be painted. Next, we examine all the surfaces in question and determine optimal procedures to have them prepared for painting. We provide careful eyes to ensure that this important step is done well.

Preparation: Wall/ceiling repairs, patching, and sanding. We also apply caulking and other fillers to bridge gaps and restore surfaces. Finally, when there is wall paper to remove we’ve got you covered, err…uncovered! Every job is unique and we have the experience and agility to handle all possible conditions.

Paint and Specialty coatings: We are experienced in the application of many paint products, including textured and other specialties. Just ask! We also apply stains and finishes to new wood areas or bring back new life back to existing surfaces.

Cleanup: No project is complete until we pack up and clean up. We’ll move furnishings to their original locations and return other items to their place. We’ll then sweep and vacuum so that you can enjoy your newly painted space, spic and span!


If you are looking for a interior painting expert in Bethesda please call 240-498-1803 or complete our online request form.


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